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Steve Harvey Show (S5)

Steve Harvey has been on the gravy train for a while now. He is starring in multiple shows and his list of occupations include comedian, radio host, television host, producer, radio personality, actor and author. He’s one of the best known and successful comedians to ever exist and now we get to experience one of his earlier successes in the Steve Harvey Show.

The Steve Harvey Show is a much-loved comedy which started in 1996 and ran for 6 seasons up until 2002 and won multiple awards throughout. The show is about Steve Hightower (Steve Harvey) who gave up his R&B dreams to become a music teacher. A fish-out-of-water teaching troublesome teenagers and adapting to a 9 to 5 lifestyle leads to lots of laughs.

This series starts out with Steve having turned 40 and realising he hadn’t achieved nearly what he set out to do. Facing a mid-life crisis while the dreams of everyone around him seem to be coming true Steve has to learn to make peace with his past while handling the annoying kids in his care and recovering from a motorcycling accident. It sounds horrible but it’s very funny to watch.

From 6th June | Weekdays | 19:00 | ST Rise | Ch 120