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Story of God (S3)

Morgan Freeman has always been fascinated by God. He’s always wanted to know why so many people throughout the world worship so differently. In his quest, he’ll try to understand human faith, and how our beliefs connect us all.

In the first two seasons, Mr Freeman went all over the world trying to understand creation and the afterlife from the perspectives of different religious people, and what role science plays in it all.

In the third season of this acclaimed series, Mr Freeman tries to understand what it’s like to have felt the presence of a God; to hear deeply personal stories of the religious; and to participate in cultural spectacles; all in an attempt to explore the different ways in which religions shape human life and what, if any, underlying themes connect all faiths.

This is a topic that I’ve been fascinated with for years. How is it possible that so many people all over the world can share a similar set of ideas? Mr Freeman does a great job of showing us not only the aesthetic differences in worship but also the core ideas of the religions he comes across. The conversations he has with worshipers and holy people are always respectful and never confrontational. His only goal seems to be understanding others, which I appreciate.

The cinematography, as you would expect from a National Geographic series, is stellar. The places he goes are breath-taking and the people he meets are very interesting. They do an excellent job of making you feel that you’re there. Whether or not you’re a religious person this is a series worth watching if you’re at all interested in what makes humans tick.

Also, it’s Morgan freak’n Freeman. Nuff said.

21 April | Sundays | 21:00 | National Geographic | Ch 220 | Super Package