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Strange Evidence

Today you can’t go to any populated or public place without being recorded on camera. Whether it be security CCTV cameras in every shop and mall, traffic light cameras and dash-cams recording the road or any variety of hand-held cameras carried by everyone below the age of 80, you will be caught on camera. With over six billion cameras worldwide (not including smartphones) you’re bound to catch sight of phenomena that would only otherwise exist in folk lore and tavern twaddle.

This series shows us events caught on camera that make zero sense to average folk, from a car in a speed chase passing through a fence as though it was a ghost on a joy ride; vehicles at a traffic light lifting off the ground as though some naughty teenage wizards were casting Wingardium Leviosa in public; and a hungry swamp swallowing up trees like breadsticks at the end of a fast. Experts and scientists then analyse the other-worldly and offer explanations that demystify the scenes and make believing in ghosts a little more difficult.

Discovery Family (ch 222) Wednesdays @ 21:00 (from 10th of July)