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Stuart Little

In the metropolis of New York City, there lives a small family in a small house who are looking to adopt a child. Eleanor and Frederick Little (the parents) come home to an excited George (their child) but walks away disappointed when he sees that is parents came home with a mouse named Stuart. To be fair, if I was expecting a new baby brother or sister, I would be hella disappointed if my parents came home with a mouse, but this is no ordinary mouse, as Stuart walks upright and talks. He even wears clothes for goodness sake! George would have none of it though, and the rest of the film is about Stuart’s struggles to fit into his new family.

It’s a fun watch with a wholesome vibe. The fact that no one seems particularly surprised at a talking mouse through the whole movie but can’t understand the cat is funny in its own right.

7 April | Sunday | 20:05 | ST Movies | Ch 100