Sunday Morning’s Arts & Crafts (1-Day Special Programming)

Sunday Morning’s Arts & Crafts on DaVinci on StarSat - web

Sunday Morning’s Arts & Crafts (1-Day Special Programming)

Art has a long and rich history and every now and then an artist would come along and break conventions, changing artistic expression forever. Convention breaking is now so common that it’s hard to know what art is anymore. This daring age of experimental art became popularised in the 20th century and has persisted since. In the first show in this special called History of Art – Experimental Art in the 20th Century (9:25 AM) we get into the minds of these radical artists to get an understanding of their visions.

Some of the most famous artists in history have become household names, their masterpieces instantly recognizable and absolutely priceless. Join Mati and Dada as they dedicate each episode to a legendary artist of times past. Art with Mati and Dada (from 9:55 AM) will celebrate Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Van Gogh and Parmigianino.

After we’ve seen the works of the greats we head back to the 20th century to learn more about the art and artists that forever shattered the defining lines of art in History of Art – The Victory of Modernism: Art in the 20th Century (10:25 AM).

You’ll no doubt be inspired to create your own artworks after watching all of these interesting shows, but what art could you possibly make? You don’t have marble to etch or canvasses to paint. Totally Rubbish (from 10:55 AM) comes to the rescue, showing you how you can create your very own works of art using the stuff that less creative people just throw away!

Sunday, July 12th, from 9:25 AM on DaVinci (ch 308)