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Super 30

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True story of a determined man changing lives.

This is the true story of Anand Kumar, a mathematician from Patna, India with a dream to help poor Indians work towards a better future. Super 30, Kumar’s brain-child, is a program that selects 30 talented candidates every year from economically underprivileged sections of India and trains them for the JEE, an extremely difficult test to pass. Less than 2% of almost half a million who take the test pass, but for those who do a new future awaits, for they then qualify for entry into prestigious universities. After they graduate they can get a job that will support themselves and their families.

This is the story of how one man decided to make a change and did so against the odds using sheer will and determination.

Sunday at 3 p.m. on StarLife (ch 550) on December 1st