Superman: Doomsday

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Superman: Doomsday

Lex Luthor is intelligent, ambitious, and persistent. Not very wise, though. Upon discovering an alien in hibernation, Lex decides to wake it up without knowing what it is first, confident he could deal with whatever it turns out to be. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

The alien breaks free as though it was held captive by tissue paper. Its first order of business: head to a populated area and wreak havoc. Doomsday, as Lois Lane later dubs it, has been unleashed.

With every step the immortal monster takes, it kills and destroys. Bullets are but raindrops. Explosions are but gusts of wind. Men are blood-filled balloons, popped at the flick of a wrist.

Hawkman’s mace could only tear Doomday’s suit. Green Lantern’s constructs get shattered like glass. The Flash is but a temporary annoyance.

“Three Leaguers down and we only just got here, send backup,” ~ Batman

The rest of the Justice League barely manage to slow it down. To make matters worse, Doomsday keeps adapting, growing more powerful the longer it fights, and now it’s headed towards Metropolis.

With his backup gone, the hope of the world rests on Superman’s shoulders.

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Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse