Superman: Unbound

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Superman: Unbound

Kara Zor-El was happily living her life on the planet Crypton when an incident changed her life forever. Without warning, a giant skull-shaped ship appeared above her home city Kandor, the capital of Crypton. Skull-faced machines rained down from the heavens, and Crypton was powerless to stop them, despite having technology far superior to Planet Earth. In a matter of hours, the city got captured. An energy dome formed over the city, and it vanished, shrank down and stored within the skull ship.

Kara managed to escape the planet just before it exploded, but her spaceship took far longer to get to Planet Earth than Clark Kent’s did. Arriving as a teenager on a new planet and now having superpowers, Kara struggles to feel at home in Metropolis. Thanks to Superman’s help, she is slowly adjusting to her new life.

Unfortunately, she may have to say goodbye to her new home in the same way she did with Kondor, which in her memory happened less than a year ago. The same type of skull-headed robot has arrived on Earth, and it almost put a scratch on Superman. The two heroes of Metropolis have to stand together against this great danger because the man who steals cities also destroys the planet after capturing his prize. Brainiac is coming.

Saturday, 5 June at 8:30 AM on Toonami (ch 306)

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse