Subscriber Terms & Conditions

These Residential Subscriber “Terms and Conditions” or “terms and conditions” are binding and enforceable against all person(s) and/or subscriber(s) that access the StarSat subscription services. By accessing the StarSat subscription service, Subscribers agree to be bound by the terms and conditions effective at the time of such access. Due to the nature of the services, StarSat reserves the right at its sole discretion to vary or amend the bouquet schedule and/or any of these terms and conditions from time to time. StarSat will notify Subscribers of any changes to the terms and conditions which may affect Subscribers before the revised terms and conditions come into effect and will make the revised terms and conditions and bouquet schedules/annexure available on the StarSat website and affiliated websites. Subscribers may request a copy of the terms and conditions from StarSat at any time.


  • StarSat carries on the business of the sale, marketing, distribution, collation and compilation of television channels and provides a subscriber management service for its pay television business.
  • StarSat, in an endeavour to increase and/or develop a base of active subscribers and at the same time provide a subscription service, agrees to allow the Residential Subscriber access to its subscription services upon activation of such service.
  • On acceptance by the Residential Subscriber of these Terms and Conditions, its annexures or schedules, or any StarSat prescribed format of this agreement, StarSat will allow access to the Residential Subscriber to the subscription services.


  • Headings are for ease of reference and not to be used in the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.
  • Unless the context indicates otherwise:–
    1. expressions denoting one gender include the other gender, a natural person includes a juristic person and the singular includes the plural and vice versa;
    2. where any term is defined in a clause other than in this clause (2), that term has the meaning given to it in that clause wherever it is used in these Terms and Conditions;
      1. Basic Installation” or “Standard Installation” means the installation carried out by an accredited installer at the Subscriber’s premises, up to 25m of cabling, the recommended satellite dish, an LNB, all attachment bolts, standard satellite dish arm and labour for a single point installation from the satellite dish to the decoder;
      2. decoders” or “digital decoders” means an addressable device or set top box (STB) or satellite receiver, incorporating access control pay television technology, which is capable of receiving and decrypting various StarSat pay television services from time to time;
      3. effective date” means the date on which the agreement is concluded between StarSat and the Residential Subscriber, and would constitute the activation date to the subscription;
      4. EPG” means an electronic programme guide;
      5. Equipment” means the satellite dish, cabling and necessary electronic television reception equipment, other than the digital decoder, which enables the signal to be received and distributed within the Residential Subscriber’s home or installation location;
      6. installation” refers to the labour and expertise necessary to install the Equipment and decoders at the Residential Subscriber’s home or installation location(s);
      7. installer” – means a person and/or entity, and persons or entities who have been accredited as complying with the quality standards prescribed by StarSat to carry out installation of the digital decoders and accessories to Residential Subscribers;
      8. month” – a calendar month, i.e. any month of the calendar year commencing on the first day of such calendar month and terminating on the last day of that calendar month (both days inclusive);
      9. schedule” or “bouquet schedule” or “bouquet annexure” or “bouquet offering” refers to the schedule or annexure of choices of subscription services available to the Residential Subscriber to which these terms and conditions apply and which may be amended or supplemented by StarSat at its sole discretion from time to time;
      10. signal” – the signal of the subscription service, as transmitted in encrypted format;
      11. smartcard” – means the card used to descramble encrypted broadcasts when placed in a decoder or receiver or STB with a built-in decoder, that is provided with the decoder and contains decryption software licensed solely to StarSat. At times certain bouquet options may require a different specific bouquet accessible smartcard, which will be provided directly to the Subscriber by StarSat;
      12. Subscriber” or “Residential Subscriber” – means an individual and/or person or their immediate household, constituting current and potential pay television service users, who is authorized to receive the subscription services, payment of which is calculated by reference to their use of a decoder. The subscription fees for the subscription services shall be calculated consistent with charges and fees as prescribed by StarSat from time to time, where such fees are determined by reference to a Residential Subscriber account number and charged to such Residential Subscriber, commensurate with bouquet choice and pricing of such bouquets;
      13. subscription fees” – means the applicable monthly and/or pro-rata fee(s) payable for the selected bouquet offering chosen by the Subscriber, as determined and communicated to the Subscriber by StarSat from time to time;
      14. subscription service(s)” or “pay TV subscription service(s)” – the service of providing data in the form of images and audio for viewing on a broadcast pay TV platform of television channels, which are chosen from a mandatory pre–set selection of bouquet(s) as set out in the schedule, at the sole discretion of StarSat, and to which the Residential Subscriber has access via a STB for the agreed subscription fee;
      15. this agreement” – means this agreement constituted between StarSat and the Residential Subscriber on the terms contained in these terms and conditions, any pricing schedule(s) and/or annexure(s) to this agreement.

Commencement and Duration

  • The commencement of this agreement shall be the activation date of the subscription services, being the effective date and shall endure, subject to either party’s right of termination encompassed within this agreement.
  • The duration of this agreement shall continue indefinitely, as agreed by the parties, on a month to month basis, subject to the rights of either party to terminate this agreement, with notice to the other of its intention to do so, and subject to payments of the subscription and/or any outstanding fees and/or penalties due and payable.
  • Should the Subscriber wish to terminate or suspend the service, she or he can do so by notifying StarSat on or before the 15th of that calendar month. This termination or suspension will become effective on the last day of that month.

Resting Periods

  • The monthly subscription fee will be billed and payable irrespective of whether or not the Residential Subscriber utilizes the subscription service, unless the Subscriber elects to place the subscription services on hold for a defined period, by notice to StarSat, specifying the commencement of the hold period which will be the Resting period and shall be subject to the following rules:
    1. The Resting periods can be initiated by the Subscriber at any time of the billing month;
    2. Once the Subscriber has initiated a Resting period, the Subscriber must call into the StarSat call centre to re–activate their subscription services;
    3. Only a Subscriber who has notified StarSat of a resting period will not be charged a Reconnection fee, when requesting reconnection of service;
    4. Any current subscription service credits will remain on the Subscriber’s account, until reconnection of services.

Subscription Service

  • StarSat hereby agrees to allow the Subscriber access to the subscription service with the use of an STB allowing for the decryption of the signal. The Subscriber undertakes to receive and distribute such signal only to the television points confined to the Subscriber’s home or residence as per the installation address, on payment of the required subscription fees and in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement.
  • If the Subscriber wishes to change the address of the premises at which he or she receives the subscription service, he or she must duly notify StarSat.
  • The various services provided by StarSat as part of the StarSat subscription service will be described in regular, predefined programming schedules advertised via media releases or published programme guides or on StarSat’s EPG. StarSat reserves the right to cancel or pre–empt at any time, without prior notice, and without any liability to StarSat, its employees or customers, all or part of the regular monthly programming previously advertised and StarSat may in its sole discretion substitute alternative programming or special events programming.
  • StarSat may from time to time alter or change the subscription services in terms of bouquet, channel or EPG interactive offering(s) to enhance and improve the quality of subscription services.
  • The Subscriber may at any time, change their selected bouquet offering as defined by StarSat, in its product offering, by upgrading or downgrading their selected bouquet offering and shall gain access to the newly selected services subject to payment of the altered subscription fee. Upgrading and downgrading refers to the selection of more or fewer bouquet offerings as offered by StarSat in its product offering.
  • The Residential Subscriber must notify StarSat of any required amendments to debit order details for the subscription service on or prior to 7 working days before the 20th of the current month for changes to take effect for the following month.

Applicable Subscription fees, charges and/or cost(s)

  • The subscription services are provided subject to the monthly subscription fee(s) being paid by the Subscriber and received by StarSat.
  • StarSat reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the subscription services without further notice to the Subscriber in the event of non-payment of the subscription fee(s) on the due date.
  • Residential Subscriber shall pay StarSat inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT):–
    1. the pro-rated subscription fee after activation which is the subscription fee due for the rest of the month, payable within 24 hours of activation for cash payments and 24 to 72 hours for other payments methods;
    2. the monthly subscription fee, in advance, before the 1st of every month as set out in the schedule or subscription fees agreed to by the parties on amendment of bouquet choice or pricing of bouquets as amended by StarSat from time to time;
    3. any additional fee including, but not limited to, smartcard fees, smartcard replacement fees, service fees, duplicate copy fees, RP (returned payment) fees and any other fees stipulated by StarSat in respect of services not ordinarily included in the subscription service and accepted by the Residential Subscriber (either expressly, tacitly or by conduct);
  • The monthly subscription fee payable by the Subscriber may be amended from time to time due to the circumstances as described in 6.3.3 or due to pricing increases and the Residential Subscriber will be informed of such amended subscription fee prior to such change and subject to the Subscriber’s right to terminate this agreement in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  • From time to time StarSat may at its discretion introduce further product offering, including but not limited to addition Channels and/or bouquets, which would be subject to additional subscription fees, billed separately and subject to the Subscriber’s right to terminate this agreement in accordance with these terms and conditions. Clause 5.5 applies where the Subscriber wishes to add the new services to their existing bouquet offerings.

Our Commitment to Data Security

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

Payment Method(s)

  • All payments due by the Subscriber in terms of subscription fees, altered and/or amended subscription fees or any ancillary charges referred to in clause 6 and 8, in terms of this agreement, shall be made by the Subscriber to StarSat, free of exchange, set off and any other deductions.
  • Subscription fees work on a subscription service credit principle, where the Subscriber purchases or pays for credits and chooses bouquet option(s) on the service provider’s broadcast platform. With these service credits, the Subscriber is able to view the chosen subscription content for the period, for which the service credits persist. Once the service credits have been used and / or expires the Subscriber must renew service credit to continue viewing.
  • Payment may be made at the address of StarSat as stipulated in the schedule or into a nominated StarSat banking account, details available in the annexure hereto as well as on the StarSat websites in one of the following ways:
    1. at the address of StarSat as stipulated above;
    2. at any StarSat Custer Experience Centre(s);
    3. via debit order, deducted on a day chosen by the Subscriber;
    4. via third party payment collection as advised by StarSat from time to time;
    5. via credit card payments;
    6. with recharge or use of a StarSat “pre–paid” subscription service voucher.
  • The Subscriber must quote their StarSat financial account number as a payment reference when payment is made.
  • The Subscriber hereby undertakes to ensure at all relevant times that there are sufficient funds in their bank account for the debit order / credit card payment(s) to be honoured regardless of whether the selected date on which the fees will be debited falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday.
  • In the event that the debit order or credit card payment is dishonoured for whatever reason, the Subscriber acknowledges that they will be held liable for the pro-rata subscription fee until the cancellation of the subscription service by StarSat.
  • In the event of non-payment by the Subscriber and the inevitable insufficient subscription service credits on the Subscriber’s account, StarSat reserves the right to terminate all services with immediate effect.

Pre–paid Payment rules will be as follows:

  • The Subscriber can recharge their Subscription service credits using StarSat’s pre–paid solution in the following way:
    1. Pin less recharge
      1. The Subscriber may use either the prepaid vendor(s) Cellphone banking or other online banking channels or other vendor(s) online channels.
      2. Upon conclusion of the transaction the Subscribers smartcard will be automatically and immediately recharged.
      3. A notification SMS will be sent to the Subscriber upon conclusion of the transaction confirming the recharge of the Subscription service credits.
      4. The validity period of the Subscribers chosen pre-paid voucher is subsistent to the value of the Subscription credits purchased and the Subscriber should ensure that they are familiar with these subscription credit values prior to purchase. StarSat will not provide refund(s) upon conclusion of the transaction.
      5. Be advised that terms and conditions specified on the prepaid voucher may apply. The Subscriber is advised to ensure that they are fully aware of these prior to purchase. Kindly visit appropriate vendor(s) websites for a comprehensive list of terms and conditions.
      6. Further be advised that terms and conditions specific to other pin less recharge vendors may apply, the Subscriber is advised to ensure that they are fully aware of these prior to purchase.
    2. Prepaid Voucher
      1. The Subscriber may purchase a StarSat prepaid voucher from a participating retail outlet.
      2. In order to recharge Subscription services credits using a prepaid voucher, the Subscriber must use their cellphone.
      3. Once the Subscriber has accessed a USSD menu, they are to follow the on-screen messages and on entering the 12 digit smartcard number, the Subscriber will be able choose the option to recharge their subscription service credits.
      4. The Subscriber will be requested to enter the 16 or 19 digit Pin code that appears on the prepaid voucher they have purchased.
      5. On conclusion of the transaction the Subscribers service will be automatically recharged.
      6. A notification SMS will be sent to the Subscriber upon conclusion of the transaction confirming the subscription service recharge.
      7. The Subscriber is further advised that terms and conditions specific to other prepaid voucher recharge vendors may apply; the Subscriber is advised to make themselves aware of these prior to purchase.


  • The Residential Subscriber agrees that, at all relevant times, access to the subscription services will be done using a StarSat approved decoder that is paired with a StarSat smartcard.
  • The purchase of the decoder package includes the initial Basic Installation as described below.
  • The Residential Subscriber will be responsible for any additional costs related to the installation of any additional equipment required to access the subscription services and:–
    1. Must ensure that such installation is performed by an installer accredited by StarSat (proof of identification may be requested by the Subscriber prior to the installer carrying out any work);
    2. On selection of a suitable installer, the Subscriber enters into a separate contract with the installer which will govern the terms and conditions pertaining to the installation of the decoder and the Equipment required for the Residential Subscriber to receive the subscription services at their homes or premises. The accredited installer is not an agent or employee of StarSat and does not act on behalf of or represent StarSat in any way.
    3. StarSat merely provides a recommendation for an accredited installer. The Residential Subscriber may choose another alternative installer subject to that installer being accredited by StarSat for quality control purposes. In the event of the Subscriber using the services of an unaccredited valtrex usa StarSat installer, the subscriber shall be responsible for the full payment of the installation.
    4. The terms and conditions of any such installation and maintenance contract shall be agreed upon between the Subscriber and the installer concerned and StarSat shall in no way whatsoever be responsible for any loss, damage or interruption of service suffered by the Subscriber as a result of any act, omission or breach on the part of the installer of any of the terms and conditions of any such installation and maintenance contract.
    5. The Residential Subscriber shall indemnify and hold harmless StarSat and its employees from any liability resulting from damage to property or loss of life that may occur during or after the installation of the decoder, satellite equipment or any equipment installed by the installer to receive the subscription services at the Residential Subscriber’s home or premises. The installer is neither an agent nor a representative of StarSat. StarSat merely facilitates payment of the Basic Installation fee as a benefit to the Subscriber and StarSat will accordingly not accept responsibility for the damages as referred to in clause 8.3.4.
    6. StarSat shall not be responsible for any additional payment due by the Subscriber to the installer for any additional installation services rendered that fall outside the scope of the above described “Basic Installation”.
    7. The Subscriber must prior to the commencement of any additional installation services agree with the installer, the additional installation service price and payment terms.
    8. The Subscriber must ensure that the installation and maintenance of the decoder(s) and equipment at all times complies with the manufacturers and supplier’s written specifications.
    9. The software and intellectual property incorporated in the decoder and smartcard are owned by and/or licensed to StarSat and StarSat reserves the right to amend the software from time to time by means of “over–the–air” software downloads.
    10. The Subscriber shall be responsible for the maintenance of the decoder and the Equipment for the duration of this agreement.


  1. User Manual
    1. The StarSat decoder user manual provides the Residential Subscriber with the operational guidelines for the installation of the equipment with regard to the decoder specifications and related information. The Subscriber should ensure that such guidelines are adhered to, to ensure the correct use of the hardware and Equipment.


  1. Defective Equipment and/or Set–top Boxes
    1. STB’s may be returned to StarSat within 12 (twelve) months of date of purchase in the event of technical/mechanical failure and subject to StarSat’s refund and returns policy. StarSat will not exchange or replace stolen decoders and/or decoders damaged by lightning, rust or any other damages not caused by a technical/mechanical problem with the Equipment or decoder itself.


  1. Stolen or Damaged Equipment
    1. The Subscriber will notify StarSat if any Equipment required to receive the subscription service is stolen or damaged in any way whatsoever.
    2. The Subscriber will notify StarSat in event of theft of the decoder in order for StarSat to disable the subscription service.
    3. The cost of replacement Equipment either due to theft or damage, to receive the subscription service shall be at the cost of the Subscriber.


  1. Smartcard
    1. The software embodied in the digital decoder as well as the smartcard itself and any intellectual property contained therein is and will remain the property of StarSat and the Subscriber will ensure that such smartcard is used only for the receipt and decryption of the subscription services as authorized by StarSat.
    2. In the event of a paired smartcard becoming inoperative, damaged or stolen, the Residential Subscriber will be responsible for the replacement of such smartcard, at a prescribed fee and StarSat will pair a new smartcard with the Residential Subscribers’ current decoder. All inoperative or damaged smartcards must be returned to StarSat, unless stolen, prior to the pairing of the new smartcard.
    3. The use of the smartcard is restricted to the Subscriber and their immediate household and StarSat reserves the right to disable the smartcard if StarSat becomes aware of:–
      1. Use by unauthorized persons;
      2. Any breach in terms of this agreement;
      3. Any non–payment of subscription fees or any charges due and owing;
      4. Any reasonable reason such smartcard requires disabling.


  1. Insurance
    1. The Subscriber shall at all times ensure that the Equipment required to receive the subscription service is comprehensively covered in terms of a short-term insurance policy.


  1. Satellite Dish Kit
    1. The StarSat satellite dish kit (“dish kit”) and all installation accessories thereto, comprised in the Equipment will remain the property of StarSat.
    2. StarSat reserves the right to re–take possession of, and remove; the installed dish kit in the event of termination, cancellation of subscription services or for any reason StarSat deems the Subscriber has transgressed the terms of this agreement. The Subscriber shall permit StarSat or its representative reasonable supervised access to the dish kit in order for StarSat to exercise the rights provided for in this clause.
    3. The Subscriber warrants that the StarSat dish kit will be used for the sole and specific reception of the StarSat broadcast signal and subscription services, and in the event that the dish kit is used to receive any other broadcast platform signal, StarSat reserves the rights as described in 8.9.2.


  1. Piracy, Duplication and or Abuse of the Subscription Service
    1. The Residential Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that copyright in all programming and services broadcast as part of the subscription service is held by the content and channel suppliers and the Subscriber hereby indemnifies StarSat and its employees against any infringement of that copyright. The Subscriber shall not use any video recording equipment, video cassette, transmitter, further distribution system or other system or method to pirate, duplicate, reproduce, sell, broadcast, distribute or otherwise use or transmit the subscription service to any other party or to insert any material into the subscription service.
    2. The Subscriber acknowledges that it is a criminal offence to attempt to decrypt, “reverse engineer”, or create a pirate version of the conditional access technology used in relation to any decoder, smartcard or other equipment or to modify, tamper with or in any other way interfere with the decoder, smartcard or other equipment. The Subscriber shall comply with all instructions given to it by StarSat in this regard from time to time.
    3. The Subscriber acknowledges that StarSat has a vested intellectual property right in the software embedded in the smartcard technology and that any infringement of these rights will result in loss and/or damages to StarSat and the Subscriber shall use his or her best endeavours to protect and maintain such rights.
    4. The Subscriber shall ensure that the viewing of the subscription service at the residence or installation address is done within the ambit of the viewing rights afforded to the Subscriber as agreed in the schedule and in terms of this agreement, so amended from time to time.
    5. The Subscriber agrees that any reception of the subscription service in contravention of viewing rights afforded to the Subscriber shall be deemed to constitute illegal viewing by the Subscriber, and that this will entitle StarSat the right to terminate this agreement due to the Subscriber’s breach.


  1. Communications and Subscriber Disclosure
    1. The Residential Subscriber warrants that all personal information regarding profile, identity, installation address, billing address, contact details and/or related information requested in this agreement or on application or via electronic SMS’s, or through telephonic exchanges through the StarSat call centre for the subscription services is true and correct and together forms the entire agreement.
    2. The Subscriber hereby authorizes StarSat to verify and share, the Subscriber’s personal information with affiliated credit bureaus for the purposes of customer risk profiling, customer payment histories compilation and debtor tracing, if required.
    3. StarSat and its affiliate companies, warrant that they shall not use the Subscriber’s personal information for marketing, promotional and viewership statistical analyses, unless authority is obtained from the Subscriber.
    4. The Subscriber agrees that English will be the language used in all correspondence.
    5. StarSat will from time to time make use of digital messaging via its decoder base or through cellular telephone SMS and text messaging to inform the Subscriber of the following:
      1. StarSat promotional and marketing material with regard to bouquet options, channels and general programming;
      2. New functionality, alterations or amendments to STB settings or the EPG;
      3. The Subscribers account balances and subscription fee payment reminders.
    6. The Subscriber hereby agrees that the charges and costs incurred by the Subscriber with regard to cellular telephone SMS’s or calls to StarSat’s call centre shall be at the Subscriber’s cost.


  1. Limitation of Liability
    1. StarSat, its agents, vendors, service providers and/or its channel suppliers, shall not be liable for, any loss, liability, damage or expense (whether direct or consequential, and/or whether in contract or in delict) suffered by the Subscriber, its servants, employees, members of its family, or invitees, or any person at the premises due to:–
      1. any circumstances leading to the loss of the signal, whether due to negligence (other than gross negligence on the part of StarSat), any transmitter failure, failure of any operative satellite whether due to the satellite changing its orbit or to it being damaged or in any way affected so as to discontinue or disrupt the signal or to any other disruption to or interference with the signal howsoever arising;
      2. the contents of and/or the use of the material contained in the signal received by the Subscriber;
      3. any defect in such material, including any error in fact or instruction or advice in the material which may cause loss or damage to the Subscriber;
      4. any defect or malfunction in the STB or equipment due to the incorrect installation thereof by the installer; and the Subscriber agrees that in the event of any such defect or failure, he or she will nevertheless remain responsible to fulfil their obligations in terms of the agreement including the obligation to pay for the subscription service during the period that the STB and/or equipment did not function properly.


  1. Breach of Contract
    1. The Subscriber shall comply with any and all of the terms and conditions of this agreement, failure of which including failure to pay any subscription fees, charge, ancillary charges or tax when due and payable, shall constitute a material breach hereof. StarSat shall in the event of a material breach be entitled at its option:–
      1. To cancel this agreement, suspend or terminate the subscription service without notice and to claim all amounts due and such damages as it may be entitled to in law; or
      2. To elect to keep the agreement in force, but at the same time and for so long as such breach continues, suspend the Subscriber’s access to the subscription service contracted for, provided that the failure by StarSat to exercise any of its rights shall not constitute a waiver of any other rights of StarSat arising from such breach, whether or not set forth in this agreement.
    2. StarSat shall be entitled to terminate this agreement in the event of the sequestration, whether provisional or final of the Subscriber.
    3. The Subscriber shall inform StarSat if the use of the subscription service is transferred and/or changed to another person prior to such transfer or change, failure of which shall entitle StarSat, without prejudice to its rights hereunder or at law, to forthwith cancel this agreement without notice.
    4. StarSat shall be entitled to terminate this agreement in the event that the Subscriber commits any act or omission which, constitutes an act of insolvency in terms of South African insolvency law, or if the Subscriber negotiates or attempts to negotiate a compromise with its creditors generally or is placed under judicial management, or any similar order of court.


  1. Statutory Restrictions on viewing of Subscription Services
    1. The Subscriber must take reasonable preventative steps to:–
      1. prevent children from viewing any material on the subscription service that has been classified with an age restriction by StarSat, the channel or programme suppliers or by any relevant government authority or self-regulatory body from time to time;
      2. inform all adult viewers that the content of the StarSat subscription service may contain restricted material and steps or restrictive viewing measures must be taken to prevent such materials from being viewed by children;
      3. StarSat shall on a continued basis keep the Subscriber informed of all age restrictions and other conditions which may be imposed by it or content and channel suppliers or by any relevant government authority or self-regulatory body from time to time.


  1. Circumstances beyond the Control of the Parties
    1. Neither party shall be liable for any failure to perform its obligations under the agreement where such failure is caused by an event beyond its control including, but not limited to, acts of God, flood, fire, lightening, explosion, accident, riot, civil strife, war, rebellion, enemy acts, strikes, satellite failure, any rule, order or regulation of government.
    2. The relevant obligations of the party who has been prevented from performing its obligations under the agreement by such event will be suspended for so long as the event continues.
    3. If any such event, prevents either party from performing any of its obligations under the agreement for a period of thirty (30) consecutive days or for sixty days in the aggregate in any twelve (12) month period, then the other party may cancel the agreement by giving written notice to the party who has not been able to perform its obligations.
    4. Where StarSat is not able to perform its obligations in terms of the agreement due to an event beyond its control, as described in clause 14.1, the Subscriber may not recover from StarSat any cost, expense or loss that it suffers due to StarSat’s inability to perform.


  1. Chosen Address for Service of Documents and Notices
    1. Parties choose their addresses for the purposes of the giving of any notice, the payment of any sum, the serving of any legal process and for any other purpose arising from this agreement the addresses as cited in the schedule.
    2. Parties may at any time alter or amend their chosen address or contact numbers telephonically or by way of prior written notice to the other party;
    3. Important notices will be forwarded to the Subscriber via registered post and will be construed as a rebuttable presumption of the fact that the notice has been received by the Subscriber.


  1. Cooling-off Period
    1. The Subscriber may elect to cancel the subscription service within 14 days of activation subject to the following:–
      1. if on the return of the StarSat digital decoder package, all accessories and items contained in the original packaging are included, and there is no physical damage;
      2. no spoilage or abuse to the decoder package in any way;
      3. The digital decoder packaging is not damaged or soiled in any way;
      4. The Subscriber must be able to produce valid proof of purchase on return;
      5. The Subscriber is responsible for any direct costs of the return of the digital decoder package.
    2. A pro rata service fee will be debited for subscription services used from date of activation to date of cancellation.
    3. StarSat may at its discretion or if specifically requested by the Residential Subscriber, send out a representative to remove the satellite dish kit from the Residential Subscriber’s premises.


  1. General
    1. Except as otherwise provided for in these Terms and Conditions, or any promotional, or bouquet specific terms and conditions, no alterations, cancellations, variations of or addition hereto, including this clause, shall be of any force or effect unless reduced to writing or telephonic recording and agreed to by the parties or their duly authorized signatories.
    2. The Residential Subscriber shall not cede his/her rights or delegate his/her obligations in terms of this agreement without the prior written consent or notice to StarSat. In the event that StarSat intends to cede its rights or delegate its obligations in terms of the agreement to any other person or entity, in a manner which may adversely affect the Subscriber, StarSat will inform the Subscriber in advance of this change and the Subscriber may cancel the agreement if it does not wish to be bound by the agreement.
    3. This document, annexure and schedules referred to in this document and the electronic communications on application constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, and neither party shall be bound by any undertakings, representations, warranties or the like not recorded herein, or altered in terms of clause 17.1 herein above.
    4. StarSat in the granting of any indulgence, leniency or extension to the Subscriber shall in no way preclude itself from exercising any of its rights in the future.
    5. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the Republic of South Africa.
    6. Any cost orders arising from legal proceedings shall be cost on the attorney and own client scale incurred by the parties in enforcing their rights in terms of this agreement. All collecting costs incurred shall be payable by the parties on demand.
    7. If any clause or term of this agreement shall be declared invalid, unenforceable or illegal, then the remaining terms and provisions of this agreement shall at the option of StarSat be deemed to be severable and shall continue in full force and effect.

How You Can Access or Correct Your Information?

You can correct factual errors in your personally identifiable information by sending us a request that credibly shows error. To protect your privacy and security, we will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity before making corrections.

How to Contact Us?

Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please call us at Tel: 011 582 9988