Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

Teen Titans Trouble in Tokyo on Toonami on StarSat

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

It’s a difficult life, being a superhero. Not only do you have to deal with constant danger but you can never just take a break or go on vacation. There’s always some or other bad guy trying to destroy your city or ruin your day.

And this day is no different. A new enemy attacks the Teen Titans’ home of Jump City: a high-tech, highly destructive ninja named Saico-Tec, and he’s hella formidable. Another reason super-hero life can sometimes suck is that some guy can just come over and wreck your house, which is exactly what Saico-Tec does. The battle was hard-fought but eventually, they managed to capture the guy.

In the subsequent interrogation (using a translator ‘cause ninja-guy only speaks Japanese) the team finds out that the person who sent them is one “Brushogun”, who lives in Tokyo. Before they could get any more information out of the guy the tower’s sprinklers go off and Saico-Tec somehow manages to escape undetected. With their only lead gone, the only way the team can catch the guy responsible for the attack is to go to Tokyo.

Robin is all business: get to Tokyo, find Brushogun and go back home, but the team has other ideas. They haven’t had a vacation like, ever, and by golly, they’re gonna have one now, even if it means sneaking in some fun during the investigation, much to Robin’s irritation.

This is a fun adventure and a suitable final chapter to the Teen Titans franchise. Expect heart-pounding action and hilarious misadventures as the team stumble about in their way in the pursuit of justice.

Saturday, 12 September, at 8:30 AM on Toonami (ch 306)