Teenage Boss on Da Vinci on StarSat

Teenage Boss

Teenagers don’t like it when aspects of their life are ruled over by their parents. From the clothing they wear to the smartphones they get it’s all in the hands of their parents. If only they were allowed to have control of the budget they would show those know-it-all households how it should be done.

Step in Eddie Woo, who makes teenager’s day by rocking up with a suitcase full of cash. The only catch? They are responsible for the budget of the household. They need decide what gets spent where. Will there be enough food in the house if they budget too much on spending-money? Are they willing to face the wrath of the household if they have to curb the member’s spending?

It’s an entertaining show with a great presenter. Watch as teenagers discover what goes into spending money wisely in a manner that allows them to actually have enough savings to do more meaningful things than just getting the latest model iPhone.

20 April | Saturdays | 19:00 | Da Vinci | Ch 308