The Batman

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The Batman

When he was just a boy, Bruce Wayne saw both of his parents being killed in cold blood by a petty criminal right before his eyes. A person has several options on what to do with trauma: you can let it defeat you, let it define you or let it strengthen you. Bruce chose the last two options. Luckily, his parents founded Wayne Enterprises, a tech firm that made the family very wealthy. Bruce used these funds to travel the world and seek training in many different fields.

When he was an adult he returned to the crime-ridden streets of Gotham City to fight the sort of crime that cost his parents their lives and cost him his childhood. He couldn’t do it as Bruce Wayne, however, for that would give his enemies a clear target and endanger everyone around him. Besides, the Bruce Wayne identity could be useful as a means to gain access to the city’s rich and powerful.

What then should he become? He wanted something scary and intimidating, so he thought about what scared him most: bats. Bruce used his chiroptophobia (the irrational fear of bats) to create The Batman: Gotham’s Dark Knight.  Now Batman prowls the streets of Gotham in the night searching for innocents to save and criminals to capture.

Using his family’s vast fortunes he took advantage of a huge cave underneath his family home and turned it into his base of operations: The Batcave, and created himself a few useful tools to help him in his fight against crime. The Bat Computer is a supercomputer that Batman uses to find criminals and solve mysteries. His iconic Bat Suit not only protects his identity (by covering his whole body apart from his jaw) but also protects him physically thanks to the suit’s built-in armour. The suit is also geared with all sorts of useful gadgets that help Batman in his quests.

Speaking of gadgets, Batman is famous for them. If Batman has a problem it’s a safe bet he’ll invent a bat-themed device to solve that problem for him. Need to get around the city fast? Builds a Batmobile that uses jet-propulsion. Need to take to the air? Builds a Batwing plane that can be called upon when needed. Need to stop machines from doing what they’re doing? Builds a bat-shaped double-sided throwing knife that electrocutes everything it pierces. You get the idea.

Being void of any superpowers besides fearless devotion Batman uses his superior intellect and clever gadgetry to outsmart bad guys and save the day. Luckily he doesn’t need to do it alone, for Robin, his high-flying acrobatic wonder-boy sidekick always has his back.

Come join the Caped Crusader keep Gotham safe from all manner of creeps and criminals that endanger the lives of its residents on a near-daily basis. We’ll also get to run into a few other famous heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman as they build the Justice League from the ground up.

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