The Blood Moon

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The Blood Moon

Being the chosen one is exhausting. After defeating the old vampire king Magnus and ending the conflict between werewolves and vampires, Lia Ortega-Rodrigues takes a well-deserved break from saving the world. She and her husband, Mateo, have settled down and are trying for a baby. Unfortunately, fate was not kind to them; their daughter Malia was stillborn.

Death and fate stand no chance against the Werewolf Warrior Maiden and the Lord of Vampires. Lia and Mateo resurrected their daughter by transferring their powers unto her. Malia was now a living hybrid, borne of both worlds. The cost was her parents’ immortality.

Unable to defend themselves, Lia and Mateo got executed by the new King of Vampires, Sandrino, because they were members of the La Liga Unida. The LLU, as it was known, was a faction of werewolves and vampires which opposed Sandrino’s rule. The King of Vampires wishes to usher in a new age, where humans serve as cattle and werewolves serve as compost.

Malia managed to escape the massacre and hid amongst the humans. While in their midst, she fell for a man named Tristan, whose heart also yearns for vengeance. Unlike Malia, Tristan seeks more than mere peace and justice, for he wishes the death of all vampires. There is a tear in his heart, however. It would mean the loss of his true love: Malia.

A vampire saviour builds a utopia for his dwindling race. A daughter, caught between three worlds, seeks justice against a murderous tyrant. A mortal tries to save humanity from impending doom, but it might cost him the love of his life. Generations of love and hate culminate in this epic tale of life and death.

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Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse