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The Bodyguard

Mr Ding is a very sad man. After retiring from serving in the military he started showing signs of dementia, and after a horrific event in which he lost his granddaughter, he went into a self-imposed exile, distancing himself from everything he was before.

Content to live a secluded life where he could do no harm, a ray of sunshine came into his life in the form of his neighbour’s young daughter, Cherry. Children have a way of lighting up one’s life and Cherry did just that for Mr Ding, but her life isn’t sunshine and roses either for her father becomes entangled in transnational crime putting her life on the line.

Will Mr Ming recover from his stupor and be able to call upon his buried, almost-forgotten military skills in order to protect Cherry from the killers who are after her?

Monday at 21:30 on ST Sino Drama (ch 130, 30th of September)