The End

The End

Aylin’s a happy woman. Her family has no money problems, she’s deeply in love with her husband, and they have a very handsome son.

It wasn’t going to be happily ever after, however. Aylin’s happiness gets shattered when news breaks of a plane crash, the same plane her husband was on. There were no survivors. She had dropped him off at the airport that same morning, and now her husband is dead.

Still deep in mourning, Aylin receives a phone call from the airline; her husband’s name wasn’t on the passenger list. She’s no longer a widow.

The news shocks Aylin to the core. On the one hand, she’s happy that her husband is probably alive. On the other, she has no idea what became of him. Why hasn’t he returned home yet? Where is he? Was he even planning on boarding the plane in the first place?

Whatever the reason, Aylin will stop at nothing to find her husband. She only hopes that those reasons don’t cause her even more pain.

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From Thursday, the 5th of August

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse