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The Flame’s Daughter

Taste Flower Brothel has a reputation as the best brothel in all of the realms. As is the case with most brothels, the average dame who seeks employment here does so out of desperation, willing to do anything for money. This being a fine establishment, and business, they don’t make a habit of hiring any riffraff off of the streets.

Lie Ruge is not riffraff by any means: an heiress of Liehuo Heights (a really snazzy place I gather) she’s travelled a very long way so she can learn how to steal any man’s heart, having her own broken by an arrogant man named Zhan Feng.

Having secured a job at the brother after an expectantly good sales pitch she meets the owner of the said brothel, Yin Xue, a man cursed with an eternal unrequited longing for love. I mean eternal in the literal sense. This guy’s girl died and he decided to become immortal so that hopefully he’ll meet her reincarnation one day. Becoming immortal doesn’t come free, however, for you have to endure 100 years of extreme cold and free your body and soul of any joy and longing. Failing to forget about his lover but enduring the cold none-the-less is why he’s cursed to the same emotional state for the rest of eternity.

This story is a beautiful, albeit sad love story set in a martial arts universe full of secrets that will reveal themselves as the story progresses. Who is the flame and who is the daughter for example. All will be revealed in good time.

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