The Green Lantern

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The Guardians of the Universe and their Green Lantern Corps span throughout the universe. With over 3600 Green Lanterns each protecting their own sector of space the universe is mostly one of peace and democracy.

No matter how bright light there is, a streak of shadow will always be present, and even the Green Lantern Corps has its limits. Reports have been coming that Green Lantern Corps members are being murdered in Frontier Space where the territory of the Guardians reaches their end. The Red Lantern Corps are believed to be responsible.

The Green Lantern power rings utilize the power of will and channel it through their rings to create constructs. A wearer is chosen by its ability to overcome fear, and the strength of the constructs created is dependent on the wearer’s willpower. Their oath reads:

“In brightest day;
In blackest night;
No evil shall escape my sight;
Let those who worship evil’s might;
Beware my power: Green Lantern’s light.”

The Red Lantern power rings don’t use will but instead use the light of rage channelled through their rings. This core was founded by Atrocitus who used blood magic to free himself from what he believed to be wrongful imprisonment and seek vengeance against the Guardians who he decided were responsible for the massacre of his homeworld and space sector 666. Members of the Red Lantern Corps are chosen for their incredible rage, usually born out of an incredible loss. This is done through Atrocitus’ blood magic: the potential Red Lantern is baptized with magical blood which taps at the individual’s deepest rage. This rage taints the blood of the wielder turning it into an acid that can be vomited up on cue, and renders them insane and filled with bloodlust. Their oath reads:

“With blood and rage of crimson red;
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead;
Together with our Hellish hate, we’ll burn you all;
That is your fate.”

The founding members of this group include Vice, who upon witnessing his partner being killed and eaten by a Yellow Corps member, became a Red Lantern, using its power to “tear and destroy” all those before him.

Dex-Starr is a cat who was down on his luck, having lost his loving owner to a murderer and then having been shoved into a sack and thrown off a bridge to drown by a bunch of thugs. The power of the Red Lantern ring saved him and he used its power to kill the thugs. His pure animal hatred makes him one of the more powerful Red Lanterns.

Before being inducted into the Red Lantern Corps Bleez was a breathtakingly beautiful woman who attracted many a man, all of whom she shot down rudely and cruelly. Two of her suitors decided to let a Yellow Lantern Corpsman know of her beauty in the hopes that he would harm her, which he certainly did. For days after her capture, she was raped and tortured by Sinestro Corps (Yellow Lantern Corps) soldiers before the ring found her and gave her the power to kill her tormentors.

Laira is a former Green Lantern who was disgraced when she murdered the (willingly surrendering) man who murdered her drill sergeant’s (and love interest’s) family. She was convicted for murder and on route to her home planet, a Red Lantern ring found her, rendering one of the Green Lantern Corps fiercest warriors an animalistic killing machine.

In order to fight the Red Lantern scourge Hal Jordan steals an AI-controlled ship he christens as Aya and travels the Frontier Space with his partner Kilowog in search of friends who can help him put an end to the danger posed by the Red Lantern Corps.

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