The Guardians of Carcosa (S6)

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The Guardians of Carcosa (S6)

Hundreds of years ago, Carcosa Wonderland was a glorious magical kingdom. The fairies who called it home considered it paradise. The magic was strong and provided them with everything they could possibly need.

The source of this magic was limited, however. Fuelled by nature, the healthier the wilds were, the more prosperous Carcosa became. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

As the human race swept away wetlands, wildlands and forests to make way for cities, Carcosa became weaker and weaker. The once-proud paradise is now on the precipice of disaster. If humans continue conquering the natural world, the kingdom will fall, and the fairies will not survive.

Queen Mandora, fearing this grave outcome and fuelled by resentment, has come up with a solution: enslave humanity. That way, they can no longer cause wanton destruction, and Queen Mandora can shape both the fairy and the human world the way she sees fit.

Fortunately for humans, not all fairies support Queen Mandora’s final solution. The Xinling Fairy believes that, given enough time, humans will learn to appreciate nature and protect it from harm, without needing to be enslaved.

The Guardians of Carcosa, lead by the Xinling Fairy, have made it their mission to protect the humans from Queen Mandora’s tyranny. Watch the battle for humanity ensue on ST Kids, channel 300.

Mondays to Fridays at 6 PM on ST Kids (ch 300) from 3rd of December