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The Innocent Man

Things are going well for Kang Ma-ru. He’s managed to get into a prestigious medical school, and his grades are good. The cute girl next door, Han Jea-hee, adores him, and he loves her back. One day, he’ll marry her and provide a good life for his family.

His dreams are shattered, however, when Han Jea-hee dumps him for a rich guy. She’s having some financial trouble, you see, and Kan Ma-ru simply can’t provide what she needs right now.

Kang Ma-ru did not take it well. Years later, after being wrongfully convicted of a crime, he’s abandoned his prospects and spends his time serving drinks and hooking up with older women for extra cash.

Content to live life as a wandering Casanova, his passion for revenge is rekindled when his sister gets hurt thanks to Han Jea-hee’s carelessness. The only way to get into the same room as that rich hag is to join high-society, and he knows just the girl to help him out.

Seo Eun-gi is a lovely girl, daughter to a wealthy business mogul who’s handing her the business. She’s the key to Kang Ma-ru’s revenge. All he needs to do is make her fall in love with him without falling in love with her.

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Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse