The Killer Bride

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The Killer Bride

I felt cold and stiff. I woke up as though from a deep dream. Above me, the sky shone uncaringly. I wonder why I’m outside. I can’t remember how I got there. I sat up and found myself in a walled garden. Looking down, the realization that I was wearing a wedding dress was interrupted by the sight of blood.

It was all over me. Splatter littered my body. I felt something heavy in my hands and discovered I was holding a knife. My body turned to ice, seeing the now red weapon. I checked tee if I was the source of the blood, but I found no open wounds. Slowly, I got up from my bed of leaves.

The memories flooded back in an instant. It’s my wedding day. My fiancé Vito must be around here somewhere. I need to find him.

I call his name as I stumble weakly through the courtyard. Crossing a walkway, I see him on the other side of a fountain, crouched down, with his brother lying in his hands. He’s lost too much blood. Vito asks him who did this, and in reply, he lifted his hand and pointed at me, standing there with my wedding dress soiled with his blood.

I didn’t kill Javier. I don’t even remember how I got there. It didn’t matter. The court found me guilty and sent me to spend the rest of my days behind bars, which wasn’t very long. A fire broke out in prison, and I couldn’t escape. With my last breath, I vowed that I would return.

I don’t remember if I went to heaven or passed through hell, but now I’m on earth. Perhaps this is purgatory: roaming the world as a spirit, no one to see or hear you.

That was until Emma arrived. For some reason, this city girl is the only one on earth who can hear my voice and see my image. What’s more, by using all of my power, I can take full control of her body.

I may be powerless alone, but thanks to Emma, I can find out who framed me and exact my revenge.

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Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse