The Labour Day Special (stunt)

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The Labour Day Special (stunt)

On the 1st of May, 1986, more than 1,5 million workers observed Workers’ Day, declaring it a holiday. Premier Foods became the first large employee to treat it as a paid holiday, and other companies quickly followed suit.

Workers’ Day pays homage to the years of fighting that workers in South Africa went through for fair labour laws and equal treatment between races.

TNT would like to join in this celebration by showing a collection of films featuring main characters in important lines of work.

Below is the list of shows you can look forward to:

10:35 | Dangerous Minds (1995)
Former soldier turned hopeful teacher at a tough inner-city school.

12:15 | The Hunting Party (2007)
Two journalists and a cameraman track war criminals in Bosnia.

14:00 | Enemy of State (1998)
Lawyer gets handed evidence compromising the United States Government and is now in danger.

16:10 | Backdraft (1991)
Firefighters track down an arsonist whilst saving lives.

18:25 | The Cable Guy (1996)
A cable installer causes trouble for the man who rejected his offer of friendship.

20:00 | Safe House (2012)
An inexperienced CIA agent has to protect a criminal in his custody against powerful enemies.

21:55 | Cocktail (1988)
A bartender takes on a bet which complicates his life.

23:35 | G.I. Jane (1997)
The first women to be allowed to enrol in Navy SEALS training.

Saturday, 1 May from 10:35 on TNT (ch 186)

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse