The Lost Tapes

The Lost Tapes on the Smithsonian Channel on StarSat

The Lost Tapes

It’s not very difficult these days to keep up with the latest news. With every major news network having an online presence, all it takes is a quick google search to get up-to-date information on whatever’s making the news.

Before the Internet became popular, the only way to receive up-to-date news was waiting for the next breaking news story to fill you in via the TV or radio. It isn’t often that we hear famous news stories from the perspective of the average American who witnessed these events from their living rooms.

Get a taste of what it must have been like back then through this fascinating documentary special. Witness the Pearl Harbor attacks, the LA riots, the Son of Sam murders and Patty Hearst’s kidnapping as the general public did. Imagine the shock and confusion when the news first broke. Feel the same dread they did as new and disturbing facts emerged, with nothing but their imaginations to fill in the blanks.

Tuesday at 10:10 PM on the Smithsonian Channel (ch 226) from 20 October