The Nice Guys

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The Nice Guys

Los Angeles, 1977. Sex and disco are at an all-time high. The tail-end of the 70s recession makes money hard to come by if you are not on a payroll.

Holland March is a private-eye down on his luck. He can only find work from crazy old ladies with overactive imaginations. This time, the crone is Mrs Glenn, aunt to the famous and recently deceased porn star Misty Mountains.

Mrs Glenn swears that she saw Misty alive and well two days after she died in a car crash. Holland doesn’t buy her story but accepts the job to find Misty anyway. He begins his investigation by interviewing Amelia Kuttner, a known associate of Misty, but learns nothing useful.

Holland gets thanked for his efforts with a broken arm delivered to him by a brutish thug hired by Amelia to make him drop the case.

It worked. A few days later, Holland sits on a toilet with a cast on his arm. His relief is short-lived when the very same thug shows up, this time to ask for help.

His name is Jackson Healy, an enforcer for hire, and his ex-client has gone missing. The reluctant Holland agrees to help him find Amelia.

In their search, they uncover far more than they intended. Now it’s a race against time to find Amelia before the mob, and their hitman finds her first.

Tuesday at 9 PM on ST Zone (ch 129) premiere Tuesday, 01 June 2021

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse