The Queen of Flow on ST Novela E Plus on StarSat Press Release

The Queen of Flow – Press Release

Press Release –The Nominee of Emmy Award will be broadcast on Novela E plus

Emmy Award, also known as the Oscar in the television industry, is an American award that recognizes excellences on TV. The fantasy epic series “Game of Thrones” (GOT) won the Emmy for best drama series on 22 September 2019. The show has won the prize four times throughout its eight seasons. This is not the end of Emmy Award this year; aside from the entries from the US, international ones are competing for the International Emmy which gives prizes annually to the best productions of the world’s television industry, and the result will come out on 25 November. Among the nominees of the International Emmy, The Queen of Flow is considered as the most promising one under the category of Telenovela; and this masterpiece will be broadcast on ST Novela E plus, one episode every day at 19:50 CAT from 15 December. Welcome to follow then!

As the first telenovela themed in music on ST Novela E plus, The Queen of Flow tells a story about the revenge of a girl with talent in music but suffered from the jealousy and greed of her crush. Yeimy Montoya, the main character of the series, is a humble and gifted young woman possesses a dream to be a singer and composer in future. Meanwhile, the dream is supported by her thoughtful parents. However, the one she loved betrayed her trust and stole her works. In addition, he framed her up into a wrongful sentence in a New York jail just after Yeimy’s parents get murdered by a local big drug trafficker. 17 years later, with her everlasting admirer’s assistance, the new Yeimy abandons everything but her dream, comes back from the prison for revenging on those who made her suffer and to win back the dream and glory taken by the old lover.

When The Queen of Flow was broadcasting in Colombia, it broke all audience records there.  Premiered at number one on Colombian television in the very month according to the rating record, The Queen of Flow even became one of the top five watched Colombian series from the past five years.

“It is always exciting to follow such a twisted plot and share the feelings with the characters simultaneously,” Lily Meng, the director of media department in StarTimes said “We believe that the Queen of Flow did a really good job in telling a fascinating revenge story with a series of intriguing music. There is no doubt that this kind of masterpiece deserves a top award, such as Emmy, but we will still wait for the final result and have our fingers crossed.”

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