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The Queen of Flow

The Queen of Flow on ST Novela E Plus on StarSat (mobile)

Secret Musical Revenge Plot

Yeimi Montoya is the child of two very hard-working parents. Between the many afternoons spent helping them in their store she wrote down songs into her notebook. This notebook of hers was very precious and secret, for even though she was very talented she kept her gifts to herself. Her muse was a neighbour and classmate named Charly and which was the focus of many of the book’s pages.

Yeimi’s life changed forever on the day that both her parents were gunned down and in her shock, she turned to Charly. Unfortunately, Charly had his own dreams and this was his perfect opportunity to make it big: he framed her for a drug crime and stole the notebook with all of her songs in it, using it to reach stardom while she rotted in prison for 17 years.

For all of those 17 years Yeimi wished to enact sweet, cold revenge on Charly and after an admirer of hers paid her a visit in prison she was given her chance. Now she’s a new woman with a brand new name and a brand new look. Now she spends every waking moment trying to get close to Charly so that one day she may be able to pay him back for everything he did to her.

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