The Return of Lucas

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The Return of Lucas

The summer sun bears down on their skin, but the cool ocean breeze keeps them comfortable. The 2-parent, 3-child Diaz Ayala household have gone to the beach for the day.

Reynaldo, the father, takes out his camcorder to record their time together. Elena, the mother, plays with the baby, Juan, while their middle child, Catalina, plays in the sand nearby. They are all having a wonderful time.

It did not take long for both parents to realize that their eldest, Lucas, is no longer close. Mild concern turns to sheer panic when they find the boy’s hat tumbling in the waves. Their son has gone missing.

The search parties found nothing; no trace of a body, nor any clue to where he might have gone. The whole family is distraught, but Elena takes it the worst of all. The days turn to weeks, the months into years, and in all this time, Elena refuses to give up her search.

Her dedication to her son comes at a cost. Two decades have passed since the disappearance, but still, Elena pushes everything aside in her search; her career, her family, and her husband. In all that time, no new clues have appeared until now.

A photo of her son finds its way to her. The image is twenty years old, but in it, Lucas is alive and well. Hope surges within Elena, but her enthusiasm takes a toll on her family, who have grown resentful of her hopeless obsession.

The doorbell rings and Elena finds a stranger standing before it. The young man introduces himself. His name is Lucas, and he has found his way home.

Is this man who he claims to be? If he is, what happened to him, and where has he been all this time? Will the family embrace him or treat him as a charlatan?

The answers to these and many other mysteries await in The Return of Lucas, premiering Tuesday the 20th of April.

Every day at 7:50 PM on ST Novela E Plus (ch 128) from Tuesday, 20 April

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse