The Romance of Tiger and Rose

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The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Chen Xiangian just finished her epic manuscript. Despite her staff’s critiques, Chen believes her story will be a hit. How could it not be? She’s poured her heart and soul into this story.

Proud of her accomplishment but exhausted from all that work, Chen falls into a deep sleep.

Moments later, Chen wakes up, but she’s no longer in the same room. Confused, she looks around to discover she’s not even in the same universe. Chen has no idea how it happened, but she’s woken up inside her own screenplay!

If this is a dream, it must be a nightmare, for Chen didn’t wake up as one of the beloved protagonists. Instead, she woke up in the role of the 3rd princess, a vile woman hated by all the kingdoms. The same princess fated to die at the hands of the prince in the third act.

Thankfully, even though the rest of the dream got based on her screenplay, Chen’s actions are her own. She has the power to go off-script, and go off-script she must.

Every good screenplay has an end, and so does Chen’s. Perhaps if she can reach the final chapters of her story, this nightmare will come to an end?

The problem, however, is Chen’s screenplay ended when the two protagonists fell in love. And they only fell in love because the 3rd princess got killed by one of them.

Armed with the knowledge of the world she created, Chen must ensure her protagonists’ fate while avoiding her own destined demise.

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Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse