The Secret of El Paraiso on ST Novela E Plus on StarSat

The Secrets of El Paraiso

The Secret of El Paraiso on ST Novela E Plus on StarSat (mobile)

Visions and Secrets Complicate Couple’s Holiday

Destiny has such a romantic reputation, but have you ever really thought about it? There you are living your life trying to make the best of things and the universe decides that it’s chosen your fate and no matter what you do you’ll end up where it wants you. Sounds like a pain in the rear, doesn’t it?

Mich has been having visions of a lighthouse for a while now, a lighthouse that she’s never seen before. Unfortunately for her, these visions have been coming in the form of recurring nightmares. The world, however, keeps on turning and Mich is trying to live her life in spite of these annoying dreams.

She’s met a man, Adrian, who’s the CEO of a large group of companies and she’s head over heels. Mich seemingly falls headlong into the stereotype of “good girl falling for the bad boy” because Adrian has a bit of a reputation for being a bull-headed brute with a very short temper. Mich, faithful to her good girl role, only sees the best in Adrian and is convinced that his reputation is overblown and his gruff persona a defence mechanism.

To prove her theories, more to herself than to others probably, on her travels to El Paraiso with Adrian she does a bit of digging into his past hoping to find a justifiable reason behind the man’s bad attitude. You cannot dig for treasure without digging up some dirt, and on her quest, she comes across the very same lighthouse she’s been dreaming about over and over again. Will she find inner peace with what she finds or does the lighthouse hold secrets better left buried?

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