The Shadows of Death on ID on StarSat

The Shadows of Death

Guilt is a very strange thing. Typically guilt is associated with being guilty of something (it’s in the name after all.) Sometimes, however, when something really tragic and dramatic happens, like someone you love dying, it’s quite common for people to feel some sort of guilt. Perhaps they should have made sure the door was properly locked? Maybe they should not have introduced their friend to their eventual killer?

Regret is an undetectable disease that slowly consumes you and weighs upon your soul like an anchor. Some people falter under the weight and become self-destructive, whilst others try to redeem themselves by helping others.

This true-crime dramatization series, like all the others, have interviews with those who were close to the victim and those who investigated the crime, but it focusses on the guilt of those who continue to live. It should be a fascinating series.

Fridays at 21:50 on ID (ch 223, from 13th of September)