The True Alternative

Living in South Africa means that you are dependent on satellite television to enjoy worldwide entertainment, as our local channels are very limited in their broadcasting. Although DStv has been the answer to digital satellite television, there is an alternative in the market, and it is called StarSat. If you have never heard of us, it is time to inform you of our services and why we can be a viable alternative to DStv.

The Price Comparison

In a country where every cent counts, it is important to know where you can save money on a monthly basis. Even though StarSat offers a slightly different service than DStv, it is vital to understand the difference in pricing between the two, so that you can make an informed decision when opting for satellite television. Both offer more compact packages, which grant you access to global entertainment for a minimal monthly fee.

As we already know, DStv’s Premium package runs at R789 – quite a hefty amount of money considering that you mostly only watch a handful of specific channels throughout the week. At StarSat, our Super package will cost you a mere R200 monthly, and delivers over 80 television channels, including the three local SABC channels, and over 25 audio channels to your television set. In comparison, you are paying much less monthly, and can still enjoy world-class entertainment at your fingertips.


The Language Comparison

Since South Africans speak a large number of foreign languages, it is paramount to enable different language options for your satellite television experience. DStv will give you certain channels to cater for foreign languages, and will also allow you to choose between a handful of languages for live sports commentary; their SuperSport Maximo channel is one of the best examples. At StarSat, we offer more than just a couple of options.

We have Chinese, Indian, and French packages available, which cater for these languages specifically. With suitable channels and low prices, these are perfect for people living in South Africa that are struggling with the local languages and prefer to watch television in their mother tongue. If the only language you understand is sports, then we have you covered as well. We offer a Sports+ package for only R99 monthly, granting you access to premium sports content.

Do not let the big monthly bill weigh heavily on you for keeping your satellite television running, and let StarSat provide you with a viable alternative to DStv that will not only grant you access to other international channels, but also save you money in the process. We have a total of six different packages to choose from – each specifically tailored to suit your needs.

We offer our own satellite dishes and decoders, and can easily install them at your premises for a minimal fee. If you want more information about the alternative to DStv that StarSat is offering, feel free to browse our website at your leisure. You will find complete listings on all the channels our packages consist of, and the prices will make our packages look even more desirable. Choose StarSat today, and see why we are the viable alternative to DStv.