Thodasa badal, Thodasa pani

Thodasa badal, Thodasa pani

One warm night, Kajol Mukherjee sits in her comfortable chair, dreaming of what life has in store for her. Soon, she’s getting married to a handsome and wonderful man, and she wonders how they’ll end up in the years to come.

Will she be a housewife, raising many children and spending the rest of her life seeing them grow? Sounds blissful but expensive. She might have to get a job somewhere.

Perhaps a teacher? She’ll save on travel costs and be surrounded by kids while keeping an eye on her own. Where will they live?

In a picturesque small town, she hopes. They can get to know all the neighbours, and she can join a book club.

Unfortunately, no matter how much she imagined, Kajol could not predict how her life would turn out. Right before her wedding, her beloved father passes away. Without anyone to take care of them, Kajol is duty-bound to take care of her family.

The wedding gets cancelled, and Kajol gets plunged into a world unsuited to her sweet and docile nature.

Is Kajol’s happy life forever lost, or will she triumph over her circumstances? Find out on COLORS (ch 552).

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse