Thomas and Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery

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Thomas and Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery

Thomas the Tank Engine has been sent to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry, where he spots a small, green, narrow-gauge engine hiding in from him. After asking around, Thomas finds out that the one hiding from him is named Luke, and he’s hiding because he’s done something terrible. So terrible that if others were to find out, he would be kicked out of the Blue Mountain Quarry.

Thomas could not believe that this engine was capable of such a terrible thing, so he launched his own investigation into the matter. What he finds out changes everything, but his new friends will need some convincing.

In the meantime, Blondin Bridge loses its keystone and becomes unstable, risking the life of one of Thomas’ friends. Is there anyone who can help?

Saturday, 1st of May at 1:09 PM on JimJam (ch 303)

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse