Throwback Sunday

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Crime is nothing new. According to stories of old murder has been with us since Cain murdered Abel at the beginning of time. We forget that things way back when, even as close as in the past few decades, were never paradise, no matter how rose-tinted our glasses are. This selection of shows will take a look at some of the most appalling murders that have taken place in the last few decades.

A lot happened in the 80s. The decade of greed was marked by yuppies moving to cities and finding good jobs. Rap was born, the Berlin Wall fell marking the end of communism and big hair was a big thing. It wasn’t all excess and hairspray though, as The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade will reveal. We see the evidence and talk to the investigators about the definitive crimes of the decade, from a stock-broker power-couple murdered in their Hampton home to the true story that inspired the hit movie Fatal Attraction.

Ah, the 1990s, where cable television and the World Wide Web changed everything. From the first animal cloning of Molly the Sheep to the launch of the Hubble space telescope it was clear that nothing would ever be the same again. The one thing that never changes, however, is man’s willingness to kill. The 1990s: Deadliest Decade explores the crimes that shattered the enthusiasm of the era: from the cold-blooded murder of a mother whose affair started in a chat-room, to a surprising love-triangle that was mired in witchcraft.

Time is not the only thing that murder persists in, for betrayal is also a timeless sin. American Monster showcases disturbing home video footage of murders perpetrated by trusted friends, family and neighbours, reminding us all to watch our backs, and that no one is immune to becoming evil.

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