Tinga Tinga Tales

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Tinga Tinga Tales

Ever look at a funny animal and wonder, why? Why do they look like that? What must have happened for them to turn out that way?

Red Monkey is our narrator and will be telling us all the stories of why animals are the way they are. He’s joined by all of his friends to see the stories too. Elephant is a bone-head that uses his trunk in all sorts of ways to help out. Lion has been the King of the jungle ever since he found his roar. Hippo lives happily in the waterhole and is happiest when it’s raining. Tickbird has been Hippo’s best friend ever since beating her in a “sea drinking contest. All these animals have their own story in what makes them special.

Take porcupine, for example. Have you ever wondered why porcupine has such pointy quills? She used to have the softest fur in the whole entire jungle, but she did not appreciate all the work it took to keep it soft and clean. Jackal got jealous of porcupine’s coat and tricked her into giving it to him and having her sleep on a nest of biting ants. In the morning Jackal had a soft, soft coat, but porcupine’s skin was so sore and itchy. Tortoise, the smartest of the bunch, told her of the quill bush, the sap of which can make the itching go away. Desperate to make the itch stop she ran into the quill bush to get her skin covered with the ointment. The only problem is that this ointment is very, very sticky, and all the quills of the quill bush stuck to her back. When she came out of the bush her whole back was pointy. No animal could ever hurt her again as the ants had done, and she was very happy.

That is just one of many, many African folktales of how animals got to be the way they are now. There are many other questions waiting for us to explore. Why do guinea fowl have spots? Why do hummingbirds hum? Why does baboon have a bare bottom? We’ll find out all of these questions and laugh at the animal’s funny antics in fun adventures.

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