Today’s Leading Woman

Today’s Leading Woman

Entrepreneurs are important. They innovate and can add new wealth and ways of living to the world. In this woman’s month, FOX LIFE is celebrating the successes of entrepreneurs in Africa.

Buchi Lenoir is a successful business owner and entrepreneur living in Lagos, Nigeria. She is passionate about empowering women to become competitive entrepreneurs in their own right. She uses her skills as a strategist and coordinator to help other women expand their businesses.

This limited series focuses on other successful African businesswomen, exploring their ambitions, dreams, motivations and business methods. The goal of the show is to not only showcase the talent that many African businesswomen possess but to also inspire other women to follow suit.

Some of the guests include Joke Silva, a well-known and respected Nigerian actress and entrepreneur who wants people to be more self-expressive using art; Nkechi Olarere wants women to become financially independent; and Munira Shonibare who became a designer, entrepreneur and producer.

Mondays from the 6th of August at 20:10 on FOX LIFE ch 133