Torn From The Headlines: New York Post Reports

Torn From The Headlines New York Post Reports on ID on StarSat

New York City is the most populous city in the United States with more than twice the population than Chicago, number two on the list. With over ten-thousand people per square kilometre, you can be sure that the city will be no stranger to crime. Here you’ll find every type of crime story, from high society scandals to predators raping and killing the young and innocent.

With so much going on, only the most shocking, disturbing, surprising and revolting stories make the headlines. You’ll get to see interviews with the reporters that covered these disturbing crimes as well as the detectives who solved them. Every episode covers a headline from start to finish, from the ‘Tuxedo King’ ransom to the ‘Million Dollar Murder’, dive into the headlines that rocked the big apple.

Expect to see each story in vivid detail: Never-before-seen archived footage and evidence, jaw-dropping revelations, surprise endings and intense interviews.

Thursdays at 9 PM on ID (ch 223, from May 28th)