True Conviction

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True Conviction

A crime-fighting legend takes you behind-the-scenes for a unique look at murder investigations.

Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi has devoted her life to helping the survivors of murder: the loved ones left behind.

“This has been my life’s work, so I truly care about these people and these aspects of their lives. It is powerful and moving, and it’s a reminder of why the prosecutors do what they do. The strength of the survivors — which is how I refer to the families, because their loss makes them victims, too — their strength to keep going, inspires me. It inspires me to keep going.”

Her battle for survivors wellbeing began as a prosecutor for the Kings County District Attorney in Brooklyn, New York. In her 16 years at the Homicide Bureau, she brought 35 murderers to justice, bringing much-needed closure to the victims’ families.

Now, she’s using her talents to shine a light on survivors. Through Forseti Media, the company she founded, she creates true-crime content which focusses on survivors while showcasing the brilliant work that detectives and prosecutors do behind-the-scenes.

In this season of True Conviction, a cold-case detective duo help solve the murder of a single mom using a self-developed technique that promises to change investigative procedure forever. In another episode, the murder of an elderly couple reveals a maniac living in the community.

Witness Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi bring true-crimes to life in a new way.

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Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse