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When it comes to digital satellite television network access providers in South Africa, our options are limited. Turning to the internet for digital streaming is also limited due to the overall slow speeds of local internet providers, leaving us with very limited options regarding sports packages for our TV bouquets. Luckily, StarSat offers a viable and affordable solution to South African sports fanatics, granting access to two dedicated sports channels at only a fraction of competitors’ prices.

One of the most popular sports across the world and in South Africa is soccer, especially European league soccer. Athletics is also one of the more popular choices in sports in South Africa, as we boast world-class athletes that can bring home the medals. With such a large sporting community in South Africa, it only makes sense that most households would have access to TV sports packages, through which you can enjoy live sporting events and keep up to date with the latest in the world of sports.

Today, we will have a closer look at how StarSat can deliver an affordable TV sports package for your household, along with a variety of other channels that will entertain the whole family.

Starting with our basic packages, StarSat offers the Special package that grants access to 50 television channels and 25 audio channels, providing more than enough entertainment options for the whole family. We also have the Special package that grants access to 80 television channels, serving as a proper foundation for your bouquet.

Once you have decided on your basic package, you can add one of our several add-on packages to your bouquet, including our Sports+ package, which only adds R99 p/m to your standard bouquet price. The Sports+ package adds two dedicated sports channels to your bouquet, consisting of World Football HD and Sports Premium HD.

World Football HD brings you all the latest from the world of European football, with Bundesliga and Ligue A to only name a few, while Sports Premium HD brings you all the best from the world of sports, with a variety of sporting events that include athletics, boxing, and motorsport to satisfy that inner sports fanatic.

Along with our basic package, the Sports+ package addition will deliver an affordable and easy method of having access to live sporting events, as well as movies, series, and other forms of visual entertainment for the whole family in mind.

StarSat offers versatility regarding TV packages, with sports and other language-based add-on packages to choose from to complete your ideal television bouquet for your household. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for package details, or contact us directly with any enquiries.