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The timeless story of Oliver Twist tells the tale of a naive little orphan boy on the streets of London. After running away from an abusive ward, he gets recruited by petty criminals to break into places they otherwise couldn’t.

This modern take of the classic story stars Raff Law as Twist, a graffiti artist who uses his free-running skills to spray artworks on places no others can reach. Cities don’t appreciate vandalism, no matter how pretty, so Twist has gotten good at outmanoeuvring the police.

His skills get noticed by Fagin, the boss of a London street gang of thieves. He sends his hustler Dodge and hacker Batesey to recruit Oliver for a job that would require his skillset: Robbing one Dr Crispin Losberne. Losberne is a seller of a William Hogarth painting worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, and this is Fagin’s chance to settle a score.

The newly recruited Oliver isn’t the only free-runner the gang has. Red, an attractive young lady, also makes use of London’s rooftops to get around.

Fagin’s gang isn’t the only one looking to score a William Hogarth painting. Enter Sikes, a ruthless enforcer who isn’t afraid to step over a few corpses to get what she wants.

This team of rag-tag troublemakers must learn to work together if they hope to succeed without getting caught or killed.

Thursday at 8 PM on TNT (ch 186) from 06 May

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse