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After receiving a concerning letter from his beloved brother, Martín finds that he had come too late: his grief-stricken brother had committed suicide. A broken heart was the cause of his end, for the woman he loved had left him without warning, without regret.

Hatred filled Martín‘s heart for the woman who did this. He’s going to hurt her in the same way: make her fall in love with him then leave her in the dust, shattered and confused.

The only problem is, he doesn’t yet know who the culprit is. The only clue he has is a V-shaped necklace found in his brother’s possession inscribed with the words “V Prado Castelo”. All he knows is that the woman’s initial is the letter “V” and that she’s connected to the most influential jewellery shop in the country, Prado Castelo.

The only way he could insert himself into the wealthy family’s lives was to crash a fancy-dress party held to celebrate the return of Emiliano, sole heir to the Prado Castelo family fortune. At the party, he meets the two Prodo Castelo sisters, and they both have names that start with V: Verónica and Virginia. To find the culprit, he gets to know them both but falls head-over-heels for Verónica, who seems to fancy him too.

Unbeknownst to him, he just stepped into a love triangle that has been brewing since they were all children. Emiliano is in love with Verónica, and Martín has complicated matters. He still plans to marry her and will do what he must to make it happen. Virginia is enamoured with Emiliano, so has made Verónica her secret enemy, to weaken and discredit at every opportunity.

To make matters worse, upon eavesdropping on Virginia, Martín becomes aware that the woman he’s been looking to punish is the love of his life. Now he must choose between love and hate, and between happiness and satiation.

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Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse