Van Helsing: The London Assignment

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Van Helsing: The London Assignment

It is a cloudy night. In the distance, a woman screams her last breath. Van Helsing finds her body and sees in the distance a creature scaling the side of a church tower, disappearing into the building.

Its lair is in an attic: a long, dark corridor with exposed beams on the roof and against the walls.

Its upside-down face suddenly swings into view moments after Van Helsing enters the room. Undeterred, Van Helsing tips his hat with a cordial greeting.

The creature descends to the floor and reveals his true stature: 10 feet tall, bulging with muscles and smoking a cigar.

After a little chat where they reminisced about the London incident and the mention the creature’s various crimes, Mr Hyde, as he now calls himself, decides to fight to the death instead of coming along peacefully as Van Helsing requested.

Van Helsing is smacked clean across the room with a backhand, and Mr Hyde avoids every shot of the double-revolvers Van Helsing wields.

Despite his speed, reflexes and ability, Mr Hyde decides a full-frontal attack is the best move. Van Helsing swiftly side-steps, sending him hurtling into a church bell. The two spinning blades Van Helsing is now wielding manage to cause a few flesh wounds to the creature.

Mr Hyde rips the bell he just ran into off its yolk to trap the attacking Van Helsing like a bug in a cup, but the spinning blades of Van Helsing continue to whirl, prompting Mr Hyde to lift the bell to see what is going on.

The hole in the floor distracts Mr Hyde long enough for his left arm to be cut clean off by Van Helsing who was hiding in the bell. Mr Hyde thanks him by tossing him through the roof, and following shortly after.

Van Helsing is dragged to the edge of the tower and flung over the edge. He saves himself by shooting his grappling hook straight through  Mr Hyde, slowing his descent.

On the street below, Van Helsing attempts to pull Mr Hyde off the roof, but Mr Hyde uses his weight advantage to prevent his plummet. Instead, he grabs the cable and runs in the opposite direction, pulling Van Helsing up the building.

Forgetting how small the top of the tower is, Mr Hyde stumbles over the edge and falls through the roof of the church, swinging in an arch and crashing through the glass window of the church as the cable snaps. Van Helsing lands the tower in time to see the monster smash through the window and fall to the streets below.

Mr Hyde, sure of his impending death, transforms back into the scrawny and unaware Dr Jekyll just long enough for him to realize his life is about to end.

Van Helsing climbs atop the stone balcony. The curious onlookers below recognize him and run in fear. Now he is the main suspect for the murder of the doctor.

Van Helsing did not just stumble upon Mr Hyde. The chase first started in England. A string of supernatural murders happened in the wee hours, and all the clues pointed to Dr Jekyll.

This animated prequel to the original Van Helsing movie, voiced by Hugh Jackman, is heralded by a few fans for being better than the original film. If you enjoy action-packed animations, then you do not want to miss this thrilling ride.

Premiere at 8 PM on ST Movies Plus (ch 100) from Friday, 25 December

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse