Veterinary Magic

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Veterinary Magic

Vets are animal’s best friend. Their passion for the sick has saved the lives of countless wild animals and beloved pets. National Geographic Wild is dedicating weekend evenings to shine a light on their important work.

In the Yukon Vet: The Oakley Bunch, join the family in their animal adventures.

Variety is the spice of life. On Critter Fixers: Southern Family Values, watch as the team treat all kinds of animals.

Vets have to perform surgeries too. In one episode, Dr K, in Dr K’s Exotic Animal ER, must race against the clock to remove over a dozen eggs from a tortoise.

In a heart-warming special episode, watch Dr Pol’s most dramatic instances of helping animals through the rigours of birth.

Witness these and more of the best vets in the world keeping all manner of animals healthy, including wild animals like giraffes and penguins.

Below is the list of shows you can look forward to:

1 MaySaturday18:00Yukon Vet: The Oakly Bunch
2 MaySunday18:00 & 18:45United Vets of America
8 MaySaturday18:00Critter Fixers: Southern Family Values
18:45Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER
9 MaySunday18:00United Vets of America
18:45Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER
15 MaySaturday18:00Secrets of The Zoo: Penguins
16 MaySunday18:00United Vets of America
18:45Critter Fixers: Southern Family Values
22 MaySaturday18:00Secrets of The Zoo: Giraffes
23 MaySunday18:00United Vets of America
29 MaySaturday18:00Dr. Pol: Birth – Takular! Compilation
30 MaySunday18:00United Vets of America


Saturdays and Sundays in May at 6 PM on National Geographic Wild (ch 221) from May 1st

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse