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Voltron: Legendary Defender

A crew of three is headed towards a distress beacon in their spaceship. At the controls is Lance, an ace pilot who is the top pilot in the academy, thanks to another pilot dropping out. Behind him is Hunk, the ship’s engineer, whose motion sickness is worsened through Lance’s adventurous piloting style. The final member of the crew, Pidge, informs them of the coordinates.

Without warning, the ship’s systems begin failing. Lance, despite Pidge’s pleads, continues to push the spaceship past its limits. Hunk’s contribution amounts to barf covering the ship’s main gearbox. Sufficed to say, they crash, killing the whole crew. The simulation fails.

Despite the public humiliation they were subjected to after their abysmal failure, the three’s spirits aren’t dashed. On top of the academy’s roof past curfew, they see a space ship crash land in the distance.

Perched out of sight on a ridge, they see that the crash-landed pilot, now in custody, is none other than the legendary Shiro. Shiro, along with two scientists, went missing a year ago. They stationed on one of Pluto’s moons and vanished without a trace. Shiro, strapped to a medical table, is spouting off about something called Voltron, and that they have no time left to act. The medical staff ignore his please and decide to sedate him.

The three rebels on the ridge decide to help him escape, but someone else has the same idea. Keith, the dropout, attempts to get Shiro out of custody after distracting the guards. The three decide to help him in his attempt.

After narrowly escaping hot pursuit, the team of five discover a clue that leads them to a cave that may hold the key to finding this Voltron thing. The team discovers something that changes their lives forever: A giant, mechanical blue lion. The lion reacts to Lance’s touch, allowing him to enter the machine and pilot it.

There is no time to enjoy this new discovery. Shorty after busting from the mountainous hiding place, the Blue Lion is attacked by alien ships. In an attempt to escape, the Blue Lion activates a wormhole, transporting them to a far-off planet. There, they find the lion castle, and within its walls Princess Allura of Planet Altea.

She explains to them that they need to find the four other lions. Working together, the lions can form one giant fighting robot warrior known as Voltron, the greatest weapon in all the universe. Their time is limited, however. Zarkon, a ruthless Emporer of the Galra Empire, conquerers of countess planets, has set his sights on procuring Voltron for himself.

Now the rag-tag Lion team must learn to work together and unlock their full potential. Its the only way to survive Zarkon’s wrath and free the universe from his clutches.

Mondays at 3:30 PM on DreamWorks (ch 301)

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse