Watch Bundesliga

Watch Bundesliga

German Football at its Best 

In South Africa, we have limited options in terms of satellite television, as is the case with internet service providers and other commercial areas as well. When taking a closer look at how much money you need to pay these companies for their services, it is astounding to see the amount at which these companies are overcharging South Africans for services like satellite television network access. Therefore, StarSat offers a viable and affordable alternative that would not only suit your monthly budget, but also your viewing preferences.

Sport Forever 

One of the most reasons the distribution of satellite television access across South Africa has been so successful is sport. South Africans watch a wide variety of sports. Anything from Formula 1 to important tennis matches are watches across the country, with rugby being a clear favourite as well. If someone would ask you what the most popular sport is worldwide, you would probably think that it is soccer, and you would be correct.

One of the most successful leagues in soccer is the German league called the Bundesliga. This league has produced some of the best soccer legends, as well as attracting some of the biggest names in the sport to play for the German teams. The Bundesliga, like any other soccer league, features various divisions of competition, with the biggest and most successful teams like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund competing in Division 1 for the ultimate prize. If you are looking for an affordable way to watch the Bundesliga, StarSat has the solution.

The Sports+ Package 

At the incredibly low price of R99 p/m, the Sports+ Package offers two dedicated sports channels for your viewing pleasure. Starting with ST World Football, you have a channel dedicated to broadcasting soccer games and other related programmes, including the Bundesliga. German football has never been this accessible in South Africa before, because other satellite television providers will charge you much more for their packages and they instead add other channels that you might not even be interested to watch. With this package, you can watch the Bundesliga for only a small fee each month.

The second channel in this package is called ST Sports Premium. This variety channel covers major sporting genres like athletics, motorsport, and boxing, and will provide endless hours of sports viewing throughout the week. As a result, you will be paying R99 p/m for the opportunity to watch live sports events, like Bundesliga games, without having any extra channels to pay for, or going over your monthly budget to do so.

StarSat offers six different packages to not only suit your viewing preferences, but also your language preferences. Available at affordable rates, you will soon watch satellite television that suits your every need, without a huge monthly bill to keep your network access going. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for available channels, packages, and decoders. Should you have more enquiries, please contact us directly, and get access to South Africa’s alternative satellite television network supplier with viable and affordable options to suit you.