Watch Sports

Enjoying Live Sports Events 

South Africa is full sporting enthusiasts, with rugby and soccer being some of the most popular sports in this country. With a limited amount of digital satellite television providers granting access to the world of live sports for South African viewers, choices are made based on pricing and broadcasting licences. At StarSat, we offer an affordable package to grant you access to watch live sports events on our television network, with two channels to choose from.

If watching sports is not your preference, our base packages provide access to up to 80 television channels and 25 audio channels, depending on what package you choose, with the Super package offering full access and the Special package offering 40 television channels at a reduced monthly cost. To watch sports on our network, you will need the Sports+ package as well, granting you access to watch live sports events not only on your television, but also on the go through access on the StarTimes app.

Our Selection of Sports Channels 

Our Sports+ package adds two channels to your base bouquet, with the first being ST World Football. This channel offers access to live soccer events from Europe and other parts of the world, including games from the Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 championships. This channel is ideal for the adamant soccer fan, with more than enough live content to entertain the true enthusiast of the sport. The second channel in our Sports+ bouquet is ST Sports Premium, offering a variety of sports to watch on our network and ideal for those who love to kick back over the weekends and enjoy some sporting events from the world of soccer, athletics, motorsport, boxing, volleyball, basketball, and more.

This package is tailored to accommodate sports lovers and give them access to their favourite sporting events, while we offer other packages based on lingual preference as well. These packages include options for Indian, Chinese, and French channels to be added to your bouquet, with our French package available as a stand-alone bouquet as well. In the end, StarSat offers a comprehensive selection of bouquets and accompanying channels to ensure that you will always be entertained when you turn on your television at home or pick up your mobile device to access the StarTimes online streaming app.

For more information about our selection of packages, including our Sports+ package for those who love to watch live sporting events form around the world, feel free to peruse our website to your leisure for prices and channel lists per package, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Chose StarSat today and enhance your viewing pleasure at home.