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Watch World Football

Watch World Football


One of the most popular and highly viewed sports around the world is soccer, or as many people in the United Kingdom refer to it, football. American football might be a whole different ball game than the original British meaning of the word, with the sport of soccer having various names across the world, including some local names in South Africa as well.

With the vastly popular sport being played all across the world at professional level, a large number of viewers are anxious to watch world football when the various seasons kick off in Europe, America, and Africa, showcasing the very best talents in the world playing arguably the most popular sport on earth.

Should your household be in need of a digital satellite network that can allow you to watch world football along with the rest of the world, StarSat offers an affordable and easy way to watch a range of live soccer events being broadcasted from around the globe. Whether it is Bundesliga, Ligue A, or any other European football league, you will not miss a single breath of the action as it unfolds on live television, giving you a viable way of enjoying the games from the comfort of your own home.

Today, we will have a closer look at how you can watch world football in your home without having to pay an arm and a leg for network access.


The Sports+ Package

 StarSat offers two basic packages to choose from, both offering a variety of channels for your viewing pleasure. These packages consist of the StarSat Special package that grants access to 50 television channels and 25 audio channels, as well as the Super package, which bumps up the number of television channels to 80, and ensures that you will always have world-class entertainment at your fingertips.

Our Sports+ package is an add-on package that adds two dedicated sports channels to your basic package for only an additional R99 p/m, with World Football HD and Sports Premium HD bringing the very best from the world of soccer and variety sports to your television.

World Football HD is where you can watch world football and never miss a moment of your favourite European league matches, while Sports Premium HD brings the very best from the world of sports, including athletics, boxing, and motorsport to ensure that the sports fanatic in you is completely satisfied. We also offer language-specific add-on packages for Chinese, Indian, and French viewers, with the bouquets being custom-tailored to not only cater for lingual preference, but also for cultural experience.

At StarSat, we provide a variety of options to tailor your bouquet to suit your specific preferences, giving you the entertainment that you want, to enjoy whenever you want. Whether you want to watch world football or have a nice family night with a movie, your StarSat package can include everything you need to keep the household happy and entertained.

Choose StarSat today as your digital satellite television network provider, and take advantage of our versatile packages that allow you to watch world football and a variety of other entertainment channels at affordable prices. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for package details, or contact us directly with any enquiries.