When Larry Met Mary on StarSat on ST Sino Drama

When Larry Met Mary

When Larry Met Mary on StarSat on ST Sino Drama (mobile)

Taking Love Through the Scenic Route

Life can sometimes be really messy and love can slip you by if you don’t act on it when you have the chance. Larry has always been a shy guy who was very much in touch with his emotions, so when he met the cute girl he used to know in kindergarten and falls in love, his bashfulness refuses to let him confess his love for her.

After college, the two go their separate ways and a whole decade goes by before they run into one another on holiday in Barcelona. A lot has changed since college though, for each of them has gone through multiple heartbreaks and fruitless relationships. Will Larry be able to get over his anxiety to admit his love for Mary, and will Mary open her heart again to allow someone to love her?

Find out this Friday at 9:30 p.m. on ST Sino Drama channel 130.

Friday at 21:30 on ST Sino Drama (ch 130 on the 22nd of November)