Wild at Heart

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Wild at Heart

In a picturesque forest out in the wilds, in a charming little shack, lives a beautiful woman by the name of Maricruz Olivares. She and her grandfather have been living there for their whole lives, and they’ve enjoyed their simple life. At the best of times, nature provides them with everything they need, but when times get tough, they’ve had to go to bed with empty stomachs.

Starvation sucks, so to put food on the table Maricruz sometimes ventures out to a nearby ranch to take a potato or two for her family. The owners, and by extension their landlord, don’t like it when people steal from them, so when the landlord catches Maricruz in the act, he roughs the ruffian up a bit.

Maricruz is a fighter, so instead of running, she stands her ground, demanding that the man unhand her. He ignores her, as her feeble struggles could do no harm, but the noise she causes attracts the attention of a man on horseback. Coming to Maricruz’ rescue is the handsome Octavio, who demands that the foreman let her go. Being a co-owner of the ranch, the foreman has no choice but to obey his order.

Upon comforting this attractive young lady, Octavio learns of her circumstances and takes pity on her. Octavio orders that every day, from now on, the ranch will provide her with food and milk for free.

His older brother, Miguel, and his sister-in-law Lucia, are not happy about this arrangement. How dare Octavio, who left the management of the ranch squarely on the shoulder of his elder brother, demand that they feed this forest-dwelling thief? And after just showing up out of the blue wanting to sell the place because he lost his job? No way. If they have to help the wench, then the least they can treat her with the contempt she deserves.

Octavio witnesses the vitriolic way his sister-in-law treats Maricruz and decides to marry the girl out of love and spite. After angering everyone he lives with, Octavio gets a lucrative job offer which he cannot refuse. Not wanting to leave Maricruz empty-handed, he decides to give her his share of the ranch as a gift.

Now, Miguel and Lucia have had it. Not only does this Maricruz girl get free food and milk, but now she’s getting half the ranch? Just because Octavio doesn’t want to take her with him? No. That’s not going to happen. Miguel and Lucia come up with a plot to get rid of her, which promptly leads to Maricruz’ arrest.

The years pass by, and Maricruz finally gets released from prison a changed woman. She heads back home to find that her grandfather burned to death in her absence. “The best revenge is massive success,” said one Frank Sinatra. Maricruz is determined to make it big and to show those two stuck-ups that she’s better than them.

Maricruz’ journey is a tumultuous one, full of drama and intrigue. Don’t miss her struggles and triumphs in Wild at Heart.

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