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Wild Skin

There are people in the world who you might be able to describe as wild souls. They’re impulsive by nature and instinctively push back against strict rules. Camila Espino is such a soul. Her rebellious streak was forged on the streets as she was forced to survive. With her will to fight she managed to escape that life and found a job at a cosmetic company named Mascarada. Just as trouble tends to find the troubled, she falls in love with a man named Maximiliano, who just happens to be the son of the owner of a rival company. The company in question, Capricho, has been at war with Mascarada for years. Camila’s life gets inevitably dragged into the mess and it makes the relationship between herself and Maximiliano much more difficult. As if that wasn’t enough trouble to be had, Camila starts looking for her birth mother and makes revelations that shed a light on the conflict between the families of the two companies.

From 3 April | Mondays to Fridays | 21:30 | ST Novela E Plus | Ch 128