Wonders of the Ocean – Predator or Prey

Wonders of the Ocean - Predator or Prey on National Geographic Wild on StarSat - Web

The ocean is a wondrous thing for us humans. Most of us like the beach more than we like the ocean for various reasons. When people do go in the ocean, it’s almost always just to splash around in the waves for a bit of fun in summer. Some people make a living out of the ocean, becoming fisherman, spending most of their time either at the edge of or on top of the water, hauling in their catches so that we can enjoy a fishy meal every now and then. There are many other ways of exploring, enjoying and exploiting the ocean, but the one that comes closest to the life of sea creatures is spearfishing.

Spearfishing is all about predator and prey: you have to come close enough to your prey to pierce it while simultaneously avoiding and warding off sharks and other predators that come to close to your catch. Life in the ocean is a harsh one: constantly seeking a meal while avoiding becoming one, all while hoping to pass on your genes so that your bloodline might continue.

This show forms part of “Ocean’s Week”, a collection of shows dedicated to exploring, honouring and celebrating the world’s oceans, starting on World Ocean Day: Monday, June 8th, every day at 6 PM.

 Tuesday, 9th of June at 6 PM on National Geographic Wild (ch 221)